Beginnings of

Conscious Times Topicals

Conscious Times Topicals was found on the belief in whole, natural solutions. We emerged out of a desire to aid those who endure pain regularly and want to choose relief that is safe, reliable, and long-lasting. Our humble beginnings came from the treatments of massage therapists and chiropractors, using just a few drops throughout treatments allowing the body to relax, regain flexibility, and release tension. The notable results in recovery from chronic and acute injuries created a demand from clients and patients alike for a remedy that they can take home.

Liana Weinstein

A Word From Our Creator

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There are many alternative forms of healing and this path of making topical solutions from my point of view have proven to be remarkably effective and help those to cope with levels of frustration and loss of quality of life. 

The simplicity of combining well researched herbal combinations have been eye opening to me and those like me who truly want to spread the education and confidence that your body can have a chance to relax and take the sharpness down a notch.  

This line of topical relief blends add to the wheel of alternative choices that would otherwise be forgotten.”

We are always excited in meeting new people involved in the healing community. If you’re interested in carrying our product in your store please contact us for more information.

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