Conscious Times Topicals was created in 2015.  Working with our “Sister Company”, Mindful Medicinal, allows high quality CBD isolate infused arnica montana, calendula, neem and certified essential anti-inflammatory oils to create reliable “Relief Blends”.  The Muscle Relief Blend is being used at Glengary Massage Center and Hudson Holistic Health & Chiropractic in Sarasota, Fl during treatments & adjustments. By using a few drops throughout a treatment allows for the body to relax, regain flexibility & release tension. This has made a notable difference in recovery after chronic injury therapy. The Conscious Times Topicals formula has the benefit of maximizing our bodies natural role to heal itself via homeostasis.  We believe that education for our company/products is the most important key and reliable information is most crucial. “One Drop Travels Far” is our method, relief from pain is our gift. Thank you.