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“One Drop Travels Far” is our Method. Relief from Pain is our Gift.

Most Popular for everyday use 250mg Muscle Relief Blend 

~ Instant Calming effect – Reduces Inflammation  –  Easy to apply  – 

Absorbs Quickly – No water added 

Specializing in Arnica+ CBD + Calendula + Neem carrier oils + Essential oils

5X Extra Strength Muscle Relief Blend

Quality Arnica Montana 1250mg CBD + Essential Oil infusion is 1,000mg stronger than original. Used for chronic sore & tired tissue . Made in small batches , created with love and care , this topical is sure to provide you with relief .

Joint Relief Blend

A medley of Arnica Montana, 500mg CBD, Calendula & Neem carrier oils. Black pepper, frankincense, juniper berry + 4 more powerful anti-inflammatory essential oils. Wonderful for arthritis.

Roll-On Relief

Travel Roll- On Relief . Available in 40mg Muscle, 167mg Joint & 208mg Extra Strength Relief Blends. Easy to use, roll it on your neck, knees, feet & hands on the go.

Topical Oil Pain Relief Blends | Pure all Natural | Hemp-derived | CBD isolate | THC FREE

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